Protect Yourself From Home Intruders With This Personal Military Tactical Laser Saber

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military tactical laser saberBeing jolted from deep sleep by a noise in the middle of the night can be quite bewildering. The situation quickly turns worse if you find a burglar desperately going through your belongings in the darkness. Your chances of subduing the intruder are low unless you own a fire arm. However, not every state allows you to keep a gun and not everybody knows how to use one. In such a case, having a tactical laser such as the Shadowhawk Laser Saber will be of great help. This simple gadget helps you protect your loved ones and your belongings with little effort. In addition, you will only blind the attacker for some time without lethally harming him. In most cases, when a red dot shows up on the bad guy’s chest, he will stop from being a threat. He may even think that you have a laser-guided firearm.

Using A Shadowhawk Tactical Laser Saber

Do you know that a person in darkness is temporarily blinded for up to three minutes when exposed to a flash of strong light. Now, imagine the effect produced when exposed to a laser beam. A laser flash light, when used in conjunction with a white light helps you quickly identify a threat. Sometimes, this way of self-defence is better than using a firearm for many reasons. Most people undergo firearm training during daylight hours which leaves them unprepared for the bad things which usually happen during the night. In reality, home defence scenarios involve movement, poor light conditions, difficult shooting positions and target identification. It is highly unlikely that you will be trained for any of these during precision shooting. For instance, if you find yourself in an awkward shooting position, such as holding your baby or a phone in one hand and pointing the gun with the other, subduing the attacker becomes extremely difficult. There is a high chance that your intruder may turn the tables on you.

Top Laser Saber In The Market

There is a wide range of home-defence laser gadgets available in the market. However, the best of them is the Shadowhawk Laser Saber which is highly powerful yet simple to operate. Actually, it’s the most powerful laser allowed by the FDA to be owned by the public. This instrument comes with the same laser technology used by the Coast Guard, Policemen, U.S Navy Seals and the U.S. Search and Rescue. Each component inside it is made from military grade materials for high precision and durability. Once you power on the Light Saber, the optical element produces the world’s most powerful laser which slowly climbs up the length of the blade. Named after the famed weapon from the Star Wars universe, this gadget sports a sleek, sophisticated design for an unmatched handling experience. Shadowhawk Lasers created multiple lenses that can be used with this instrument. Each of them produces a unique beam and is sold separately.

Safety Measure To Keep In Mind

As the Light Saber produces dangerous laser beams, it should to be used in a controlled manner. It comes with LaserShades to ensure safe handling. Keep in mind that this instrument is not a toy and shouldn’t be kept within the reach of children.


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