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Solar city is one of the greatest provider of solar power in America. One of their highlights is the fact that they make solar energy available at a lower cost to residences, business facilities, schools, government agencies, and non-profitable organizations. Solar energy is more effective and less damaging compared to energy generated through burning fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and oil. The company has considerably transformed the way electrical energy is traditionally delivered to customers at a cost by giving them an alternative which is much more affordable and clean

The objective of the company is installation of solar systems which exhibits the greatest engineering standards. In achieving this it also ensures a smooth transition of customers from their existing installations. The company boasts of a clean energy project design and installation team which is among the most experienced in the world.
The company with more than 75 centers of operation serves customers in 19 states including Washington D.C. Besides tens of thousands of homeowners, some of its esteemed customers includes more than 400 schools such as Stanford University, government organizations such as Homeland Security Department, U.S. Armed Forces, and renowned companies that includes Walgreens, Walmart, Intel, HP, and ebay.

Start A Renewable Energy Home With Solar City

renewable energy with solar cityThe company comprehensively enables its customers to switch to solar energy which is pollution free. The Solar City team starts by having a short discussion interview with you to see if a solar project will be viable for your home. They then keenly analyze your energy usage levels and check your roof using satellite imaging before identifying any installation or improvement possibilities.

After everything goes well a free quotation is prepared for you that is inclusive of all your options and your energy savings projections for the coming twenty years. You will then be required to sign a customer agreement which will secure your solar energy cost for the next 20 years. Most important details will be seen right on the front page of the agreement. You are also going to find many warranties and guarantees that will completely safeguard your installation.

After the consultation a site surveyor from the company will then visit to properly check your roof and take measurements. After measurements are taken, company’s engineers will be obliged to come up with a solar power system according to your energy needs.
After the design has been made, Installers will find a day that suits you to do the installation which can last for only one day. Finally, the utility company gives you an approval to start reproducing your own solar energy which is much more affordable, efficient, and clean.

It also offers a guarantee for their products and takes full responsibility for reconstructing your roof in the event of any damage that may result from installation or removal of solar system. The company also offers additional services such as integrated sales and equipment financing without requiring the services of brokers.

The company has an efficient performance monitoring and project management systems to enable its millions of customers to view their net energy usage and carbon footprint in real time. The monitoring system is capable of notifying you of any problems that might arise.

What You Should Know About The Solar City Ambassador Program

A great advantage of Solar city, is their ambassador program a system they have created to allow customers to share the industry. Through the ambassador program customers can share their solar panel experience with their network and get paid a commission for every new customer they bring into the company. To learn more you can search online for solar city ambassador program and get the inside scoop.

Review of the Solar City Company

The major difference between Solar City and other companies offering clean energy services is that, it is not competing technically but instead it gives customers a financial options to apply for solar technology.

The company does financing by leasing the solar installations to customers instead of demanding for upfront payments. The surplus power produced by the panel is then sold back to the local utility company and the profits used to offset the lease payments.

This approach has been greatly facilitated by a huge drop in the prices of solar panels due to influx of solar panels from Asia. This has made  many solar manufacturers to declare continuous losses and getting out of business. Since solar installation remains lucrative, reduced competition works at the advantage of Solar City.

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